These are just a few ideas for using the metallic inclusions inside your glass.

You can use them singly or overlay one on top of another.

This is the best way to get what looks like 'real' gold and silver inside your fusing.

If you have any questions please email me, I'm happy to help.


Make little tiles for the home using abstract shapes and scraps

Colourful patchwork pendants, base was made with scraps

Abstract shapes in pendant

Make patchwork tile from scraps and fuse
then decorate with confetti scraps, cap with clear and fuse

Stick 4 swirl glass squares together. Add  'L O V E'... cap and fuse for a coaster.

Tree of Life full capped and fused then millifiore tack fused on top

Flower pendant just cap and fuse

Small squares pendant

2 initial letters pendant

Silver heart, gold daisies on top, capped and fused. 

Steampunk cog tile made with cut up cogs, stringers, then capped

Heart with lacy heart pieces laid on top, capped and fused.

Cog steampunk tiles

Long heart with filigree laid on top, capped and fused

Random lacy tiles on transparent pink, capped and fused

Random shapes tiles